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Is Starbase.com the next big domain sale?

Elon Musk’s Mars Oasis project wants to colonize the red planet in the near future; a new trademark for STARBASE has been filed. The mark’s particulars: Launch services, namely, launching the payloads of others into space, with an intend to use clause. The applicant is Delaware based Space Exploration Technologies Corp. That’s SpaceX to you! […]

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#NameSilo scores big corporate sponsorship with #SpaceX promo!

NameSilo‘s financial issues are no more; the popular domain registrar has been crunching its numbers during a crappy 2020, but those days are over. In breaking news, SpaceX will become the corporate sponsor of NameSilo, promoting its Starship with every domain sold at NameSilo. SpaceX will pay a total of US $300 million for the […]

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#Starlink .com : SpaceX satellite project #domain was a Media Options acquisition

Media Options brokered the acquisition of the domain Starlink.com by the SpaceX satellite project. According to Andrew Rosener, founder of Media Options, the name was acquired in 2014 on behalf of their client. Said Drew: “We acquired it on behalf of our client. MediaOptions is or was managing the name, but we never owned the […]

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