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NamesCon : An outsider’s view of the domain industry reports on her experience

Ingrid Burrington is a reporter for The Atlantic, who took a leap of faith and attended NamesCon 2017, in Las Vegas. Writing about her personal experience, Ms. Burrington calls it “surreal” which, to be honest, is a non-discriminatory choice of a word, neither positive or negative. After all, reporters seek to share an objective, unbiased […]

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Frank Schilling and how search engines are killing “clever URLs”

A balanced article on new gTLDs at The Atlantic is tapping Frank Schilling’s feedback, among that of other domain investors. Titled, “How Search Engines Are Killing Clever URLs,” the article focuses on the current state of affairs regarding the adoption of new gTLDs by the general public. Cyrus Namazi, an executive technocrat at ICANN, acknowledges […]

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