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Domainer complains about DomainTools ads

In case you haven’t noticed, DomainTools – Golden Sponsor of DomainGang – rolled out a trio of new banner ads exclusive to our publication, yesterday. DomainTools – the top WHOIS tool for domains – is known for its creative advertising; here at DomainGang we support anything creative, different and visually stimulating. Today we received this […]

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DomainTools: Mobile version is smartphone agnostic – just have a data plan!

I’ve been using DomainTools since the early 2000’s, when its current reincarnation and features were little more than a glimpse in the imagination of its creators. Then I heard that DomainTools.com launched a mobile version, and decided to test it on my Nokia. I tried, but nothing came up. Feeling confused, I tried other web […]

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Domaintools rolls out huge new feature

A new feature has been rolled out by top WHOIS tool, DomainTools. After years of substituting email addresses with an image, registered members that are logged in can now copy and paste email addresses from the WHOIS output. Many thanks to Francois of Domaining.com who pointed that out!

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