Darryl says: Give it up for Chef Patrick

Daryl the Drunk Domainer

What’s up domainers? Been a while, am I right?

Well, damn it – I’ve been trying to quit drinking beer for a while but now I can’t say it’s successful.

And here’s the reason. I miss Chef Patrick.

Dude! I mean, his blog posts, not the guy.


I know Lucius rants and raves about the Chef but I’ll tell you what I miss the most: the videos with chicks every week.

A wise man once said “give a domainer a link to click on and he will be happy for a day – give them a video to watch and he will never leave the house“.

Well that’s how I felt with the Chef Patrick videos and where the heck are they now? Every single one of them brought some extremely powerful insight to domaining. Every damn week.

It also had girls with large boobs.

OK, so I liked the girls’ boobs more than what they had to say, I won’t lie. Still, that was Chef Patrick’s brilliant idea that was sold to all domainers.

I might get drunk this weekend and put a video together. No, wait – bad idea. Nobody wants to see my hairy man nipples.

So the bottom line is: we want your damn vote so that Chef Patrick takes a break from that Science Fiction project and comes back to do the couch thing with the domainer chicks. The video, that is.

Vote below. Peace, Daryl the Drunk Domainer.

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