Father Domainicus: The Curse of the Dot

Father Domainicus eulogizing domains with the Pope

Greetings and salutations, my brothers and sisters in domaining. This is Father Domainicus with a special Sunday message.

As you may know, the congregation of ICANN is currently taking comments regarding the retention or not of the ages-old Dot.

You heard me correctly, my domainer children; the basis of our domaining faith, the Dot, is being questioned by a group of infidels!

It is a true insult to our Domaining Church, as our Domain Lord has clearly ordered:

“Honor thy Father, and thy Mother, and retain thy Dot as the point in times, now and in eternity and until the end of time”.

May I add, amen, to the latter, but a group of dissenting violators of our humble yet historic religion wish to drop the Dot as an unquestionable symbol of our Church.

May I ask you, oh ye faithful, how would you utter all new gTLDs and extensions that will be given birth from the ICANN womb?

Just like the snake in the Garden of Eden, who seduced our Mother Eve, shall we give up our faith in the Dot?

I say, rage, rage against the dying of the Light! For it is the Light that guides us through the dark ages that we are going through.

Lastly, I wish to thank Rick Schwartz for raising awareness to the Abominable Brazilian through his publication. As far as evil is concerned, we are united against it. Now, let’s pray that the Dot remains forever until the end of time, amen.

Yours in a loving, passionate yet brotherly embrace,

~Father Domainicus.


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2 Responses to “Father Domainicus: The Curse of the Dot”
  1. BullS says:

    Hear ya hear ya Father

    sin to ICANN , no 72 virgins to them.

    Hey, would like my domain sermon early in the morning like 5am Pacific Time, please., this is kinda of late.

    Yours in a loving, passionate kisses on both cheeks and tight squeeze on the butt.

  2. SerryJW says:

    Our ( REAL) world is chaos…eliminating the DOT COM is blasphemy.

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