Rick Schwartz breaks viewership record! – the long term project of French domainer entrepreneur, Francois Carrillo – offers the opportunity to purchase “eyeballs” with sponsored headlines. It’s an effective form of promoting one’s blog or business.

Sponsored headlines on get a lot of clicks.

Domain king, Rick Schwartz, is currently using the sponsored headline feature, to raise awareness to the recent incident of blatant reverse domain hijacking attempt for his domain,

Rick’s writings are already hugely popular; a gospel, if you may, for the domainer world – but the sponsored headline is the first we’ve seen that broke the 1,000 click threshold! 😀

The poll is still open: what should Rick do with


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One Response to “Rick Schwartz breaks viewership record!”
  1. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Update: the number is now at 1217.

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