WIPO panelists enjoy perusing UDRP


The ongoing UDRP against has stirred lots of ire across the domain investments community.

Nineteen years after its acquisition by Rick Schwartz, this generic gem of a domain is being challenged by a Danish florist.

The UDRP against was filed more than a month ago, on April 4th, and as it’s still live; that means that the Complainant,, still believe they have a case. features hardcore adult content, of the live sex cam genre, by forwarding its affiliate id to [NSFW]

Most initial reactions from WIPO panelists not working on this case, were enthusiastic.

“Look at the size of those funbags, I wish I was handed this UDRP to examine all the hard evidence,” said Frank A., occasional WIPO panelist.

“I’d have fun fapping through a few hours of video to ensure there is some type of solid proof in the Complainant’s allegations, for sure!” exclaimed Frank A.

Other panelists were glad they were not selected by the WIPO to work on the case.

“ displays affiliate content from and there’s a ‘chicks with dicks’ section, my wife would kill me if she found out,” said John P. of WIPO.

“Either way, it’ll be an important domain case to decide on, for sure,” added John P., deleting his web browser history.

We can’t wait to learn the outcome of the UDRP in the coming weeks.

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