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Corporate crime: Don’t fire your employee before you secure your domain assets

A domain was reported stolen at GoDaddy, after a company’s former employee took control of it and changed the password and even the account’s PIN.

The distraught business owner, shared his plight on the GoDaddy support forum:

I own a business with my family name and As well as a work email and website. An employee that registered me to godaddy for email and website was just recently fired and he changed all the passwords to the emails and even the pin.

I already submitted me business EIN to godaddy that shows the domain name is the same as my last name and that I am the CEO of the company that has the same name as the domain.

How can can I get my domain back?

When operating a business, always ensure that no distinct employee controls one of your most valuable corporate assets: your domain name.

Always allocate roles versus personal accounts, for example domainadmin@example.com, as opposed to john_smith@example.com.

Upon hiring any individual that will be accessing such assets for whatever reason, make it clear in the hiring contract that there will be legal repercussions if anything “funky” were to occur upon termination.

And if you decide to terminate an employee handling corporate domain assets, first make sure that you are able to fully manage the domain name.

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2 Responses to “Corporate crime: Don’t fire your employee before you secure your domain assets”
  1. Dn Ebook says:

    Urdp in this case ?

  2. My favorite story this past week, was the lady that donated her kidney to her boss, then got fired. No good deed goes unpunished.

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