Domain crime : Hacker targeted domain power-broker, Ali Zandi


Domain broker, Ali Zandi.

The email account of domain power-broker, Ali Zandi, was repeatedly hacked; Zandi himself reported the incident in a NamePros thread.

What is more disturbing, is the fact that the cybercriminal involved in this brazen hacking attack, attempted to sell Zandi’s domain assets:

“They tried to sell my domain names.

I have multiple security features, so all they are (hopefully) able to do is ruin my mood for a few hours.

So far, no domains have been stolen but a lot of auctions were tampered with, all my accounts have been hacked and they are trying their pathetic little hearts out to steal my domains.”

Zandi was able to recover 90% of his infiltrated accounts, and they never gained access to PayPal:

“Nah, didn’t gain access to PayPal. Retrieved 90% of my accounts. Still have to dig for what else could have come of it. But so far, looks like anything important is safe and secure. Unlike the person who did this.”

Later today, Zandi’s accounts were once again reported by domain broker, Shane Bellone, as hacked; Ali Zandi had to create a new NamePros account to confirm the incident.

For the full exchange, head over to NamePros.

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