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Domain crime : .XYZ and .Online registries pull the plug on offending domains


Earlier this week, we reported on a number of new gTLD domains that were being used to facilitate tech support scams.

Operating from India, the scammers used a number of mostly .XYZ and .Online domains to target their victims.

The .XYZ Registry intervened quickly, terminating those offending domains, and several more.

Per their abuse department:

“Tech support malware .xyz domains suspended. Wanted to let you know that the .xyz domains you mentioned in your article have all been investigated and suspended. After investigating the non-.xyz domains on your list, we found that some of those bad actors also had some .xyz domains that you hadn’t reported. We took action on some additional .xyz domains as well.”

We have also received the following notice from the .Online Registry, Radix:

“The reported .ONLINE domains mentioned in your article have been investigated and taken down. There were similar unreported registrations which have also been deactivated. Please feel free to bring such abusive domains to our notice.”

It is refreshing seeing new gTLD Registries take prompt and effective action against such domain names when used in an abusive manner.

If only we could get similar responses from registrars of old school extensions, it’d be fantastic!

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