BODIS : Confirmed to be a stolen domain name

Stolen domain:

The domain name has been confirmed as stolen, after its legitimate owner was contacted for further details.

Eagle-eyed members of NamePros raised their concerns about the validity of statements regarding, in a domain evaluation thread.

Someone claiming to have acquired for “less than $500” at a drop, used the domain hijacking method of registering an expired domain that controlled it, and recreating the admin’s email address.

The domain’s legitimate owner, Mr. David Mendes, is in shock and disbelief about the incident, and he’s currently examining all available legal options in order to recover the stolen domain name.

If you are contacted to acquire, keep in mind that it’s stolen property.

Update: The domain has been recovered and is no longer stolen.

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One Response to “ : Confirmed to be a stolen domain name”
  1. Dn Ebook says:

    Good work to bring this to our attention, hope the name gets returned asap

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