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Feline.com, Jap.net and more stolen domains up for sale after victim’s accounts were hijacked


Stolen domain warning!

A large number of stolen premium domains are being offered for sale, after the legitimate owner’s accounts were hijacked.

As reported on NamePros, the following domain names are currently stolen:

  • Feline.com
  • Jap.net
  • CAD.org
  • Striver.com
  • Practice.net
  • CyberLaws.com
  • NetworkRepair.com
  • EJ9.com
  • How.info
  • Infest.org
  • BreathTaking.com
  • Require.com
  • Veut.com
  • BBNY.com
  • UHHM.com
  • HIHK.com
  • DKHK.com
  • LUXR.com
  • HYSM.com
  • UGNK.com
  • UKBA.com
  • JSSL.com

The WHOIS of some of these domains display the legitimate owner’s contact information, but they are currently under the thief’s control and should not be offered for sale.

According to the victim, Kawing Chiu of New York:

My phone and email accounts have been hacked since last night…. I just got my phone back working and waiting for Microsoft to recover my email account. Verizon said that the phone settings such as the IMEI number on my phone was changed. What a morning… my apology for those delay texts and phone calls I couldn’t get back to you since last night.

** this is what the hacker did. He hacked my phone by resetting the phone settings. Then used my phone to reset my hotmail account and then they reset my PayPal account through hotmail. They attempted to steal $10,000 from my bank account. This is crazy… i wonder if there are other damage done…

** they hacked my domain accounts too… canceling those transfers.

It’s going to be a long day…

If you are contacted to buy any of these domains, keep in mind they are currently stolen.

Regarding added safety for your domains: enable two factor authentication at registrars that provide the Google Authenticator app and preferably don’t use a cell phone number for your domains’ WHOIS.

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