Project #TransAtlantic : No, your ccTLD #domain is not safe if you sell #counterfeit goods

Many cybercriminals believe that they can evade the long arm of the FBI and the Homeland Security Investigations department, by switching from a .com domain, to a ccTLD.

Luckily, this is not the case.

Selling counterfeit goods hurts the global economy to the tune of billions of dollars every year, and that’s why operations based on US and international law are global.

A recent example is the takedown of the domain by Europol in Belgium, under Project TransAntlantic VIII.

The legitimate web site has apparently been the victim here, as counterfeit hydraulic parts can cause damages, property loss and even loss of life.

The following image appears on the counterfeit web site:

In this case, the Europol and the FBI took over control of a .BE domain name. It’s now been added to a long list of seized domains controlled by the FBI.

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