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Two new Domains attempt to phish PayPal accounts

Two newly registered domain names are making the rounds in emails, attempting to lure victims into a typical PayPal fraud scheme.

The domains are wsswwsss.net and wwsawwssww.net, registered two days ago at the French domain registrar, Netissime.com.

Phishing emails pose as legitimate requests from popular financial portals, such as PayPal, and gather the login credentials after unsuspected victims enter their info, which is captured by the cybercriminals.

Part of these emails read as follows:

This is an automated email, please do not reply. Informations about your account :
As part of our security measures, we regularty check the work of the screen PayPal.
We have requested information from you for the following reason :
Limited access to your account.
Once connected,follow the steps to activate your account. We appereciate your understanding as we work to ensure security.

Never click on links in emails to enter your account details, as it can lead to a compromise of your account. This method has been used by Chinese domain hackers to hijack domain names away from mostly GoDaddy accounts as well.



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One Response to “Two new Domains attempt to phish PayPal accounts”
  1. DomainGang says:

    Also add Wwassertt.net to the list.

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