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Warning : L5.com and XGK.com have been reported as #stolen #domains

Stolen domain warning.

The premium domains L5.com and XGK.com have been reported as stolen by their legitimate owner, Motohisa Ohno.

Mr. Ohno was recently made aware of the theft, which occurred in June 2017. The domains were moved away from his eNom account without any notification.

“L5.COM and XGK.COM were stolen from my Enom account in June, 2017.
I was aware the lost of the domains in February this year.
It looks a common matter BUT IT CAN’T BE.
I couldn’t be aware for 8 months because I haven’t received any notifications from Enom although it must be there even if my email address/account were compromised.”

The person in control of the domains changed the contact address to an unregistered domain name.

The domain theft was reported on DNForum by Mr. Ohno, who warned others to check their accounts with eNom:

Enom customers should check the domains in their account every 6 months!
It’s anoying us losing domains silently though.
You can’t recover the domains after 6 months!”

For the discussion on this new incident of domain theft, visit DNForum.com.

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