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Donald Trump wins generic domain TrumpCard.com in UDRP

Multi-billionaire mogul Donald Trump has challenged the registrant of TrumpCard.com in a UDRP, and has won.

The shocking decision relied on a trademark for TRUMP CARD that “The Donald” acquired in 2000, two full years after TrumpCard.com was registered, according to DomainTools.


Despite a valiant defense by the Respondent, the case came down to a shocking decision by John Swinson, sole panelist, that the domain should be transferred to Donald Trump:

“The Respondent generated revenue by linking Internet users to affiliate sites, such as “www.partypoker.com”. It is reasonable to infer that the Respondent registered the Disputed Domain Name to trade off the Complainant’s rights in his TRUMP mark. This is not use in connection with a bona fide offering of goods and services.”

The term “trump card” is a generic term used in many poker variations and it originates from at least the early 1800’s.

For the full text of the UDRP decision about TrumpCard.com, click here. Or listen to this great Irish song from 1981, called “Trump Card.”

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5 Responses to “Donald Trump wins generic domain TrumpCard.com in UDRP”
  1. sil says:

    How else do you think he gets those 9 figure estates for chump change or shall we say Trump change.

  2. sil says:

    Now he wants TrumpChange.com
    Jesus! shouldn’t have commented.

  3. Marek says:

    Donald Trump filed for bankruptcy many times, so bona fide is definitely not what HE is doing either.

  4. Ruben says:

    This is a surprising decision.

  5. BustABrand says:

    The guy probably defended himself, just for a laugh, which would explain the decision!

    Respondent is now entitled to an ”I testified against The Don and survived” t-shirt, but should’ve been an “I took down The Don” t-shirt. Btw, ITookDownTheDon.com is available to reg 😉

    Lesson here is we should build something of value on highly beloved domain names asap. He probably would’ve been fine if he’d started a poker forum & poker training video market, along with the poker…

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