Indian domain market and start ups : Do you really own your domains?

Dot .IN

Dot .IN

Indian start-ups are enjoying an increased availability of angel investment capital, in an emerging market.

Many seize this opportunity to spend money on brand development, including the acquisitions of premium domain names.

While numbers differ in India in terms of absolute numbers, spending 30% of one’s budget to achieve brand awareness and secure a domain sounds like an extreme and unwise solution.

Start ups in India apparently often fail to secure a trademark via the use of the brand; by parking dot .IN domains instead of developing them they lose ground when the time comes to secure the trademarks.

The dot .IN Registry often reclaims domains on the basis of disputes between trademark holders, and start-ups that failed to ensure the domains were not involved in a trademark dispute.

An article titled, “Startups Beware! Do you really own your domain names?” offers extensive advice on the subject of domains and start-ups in India.

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