Metron.EU #domain : UDRP failed while debating the language to be used!

In a rare case of a failed UDRP (ADR) filing, Metron France argued over the language in which the case should be filed in.

The domain in question, Metron.EU, is a European Union domain name and the Respondent is Czech. The Complainant wanted to change the language of the proceeding to English from Czech, the native language of the Respondent.

In his argument, the Respondent pointed out that they are a substantially smaller entity than the corporate monolith the Complainant is, with lesser resources, and that changing the filing’s language to English would compromise the process.

Because the Complainant took too long to respond on the subject of the language used, the UDRP (ADR) ended with a final decision to use English, but effectively terminating the arbitration process.

Full details here, translated from Czech.

The domain transfer was denied.

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