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#PornFlix .com : Rick Schwartz receives C&D on a #domain he owns since 1998

PornFlix.com is an adult theme domain owned by Rick Schwartz since 1998.

The Domain King shared news of a Cease and Desist letter a.k.a., “nastygram” – that was sent by a Las Vegas company that registered the trademark PORN FLIX on June 25, 2019.

Rick Schwartz’s quoted price for the domain was $3.5 million dollars, in line with other aged, quality adult domains that have been in his domain portfolio, or other adult domains that he sold in the past.

So this #moron sends me a cease-and-desist on a #trademark that he got two weeks ago for a #domainname Pornflix(.)com that I’ve owned since 1998. The moron doesn’t understand who is in control here and I guess does not like the $3.5mm price tag. #Domains #schmuck #hallofshame

It seems that the trademark holder applied for the mark listing Rick’s domain name, PornFlix.com, in the trademark application:

The tm application for PORN FLIX shows PornFlix.com as the “website address” of the applicant

Could this have been a mistake by the applicant, or an intentional action to mislead the USPTO? We aren’t sure at this point. The fact remains, that Rick Schwartz has been the registrant of PornFlix.com for the past 21 years!

Additionally, although the application references that “the mark consists of standard characters, without claim to any particular font style, size, or color,” the provided specimen is highly stylized. The t-shirt sample, provided in black and pink, shows a reverse “R” letter, and additional design elements alongside the words.

A cease and desist letter sent on the basis of a young, weak and unknown mark, indicates that Rick Schwartz will have a fun time responding to these allegations and threats.

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5 Responses to “#PornFlix .com : Rick Schwartz receives C&D on a #domain he owns since 1998”
  1. i googled his name…
    he is a magician in Las Vegas
    Rick is about to make him disappear…lol

  2. Rich Leto says:


    What’s even more hilarious is how they listed Rick’s domain as their
    website address. Complete Idiots.

    It’s so weak, I’m not even sure I would waste my time or money responding to the cease and desist.
    Oh maybe just a three word letter… Good luck LOL.

  3. Brad Mugford says:

    That is silly. It is clear they have no idea how TM law works.
    I am sure Rick will give them a free education 🙂

  4. Fat Anon says:

    Popcorn time!

    (The industry certainly needs more fun events like this).

  5. Logan says:

    That shirt is horrendously bad.

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