: After UDRP victory, domain owner lashes out at Complainant

RDNH finding for

RDNH finding for

When you win a UDRP with a finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH), you might as well do a victory lap. ๐Ÿ˜€

The domain was challenged via a UDRP by a Scottish company that claimed rights to the TRTL mark. Only problem was, the mark was registered 10 years after the domain.

IP attorney, John Berryhill, represented the owners of and communicated to the Complainant’s attorneys that the UDRP was going to fail, asking them to withdraw it.

“The Domain Name was registered on March 4, 2000, some 10 years before the Complainant came into existence, and 13 years before the Complainant acquired rights in respect of the mark TRTL and subsequently commenced trading under that name. In those circumstances, it hardly needs stating that the Respondent cannot conceivably have been aware of the existence, or even potential existence, of the Complainant or of any rights it might subsequently acquire in the name TRTL at the time of registration. In this Panelโ€™s view, therefore, the Domain Name cannot conceivably have been registered in bad faith.”

A three member panel found that the Complainant was guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking, and ordered to remain with its owner.

The Respondent’s victory lap can now be seen at, documenting the timeline of the events, along with information that should help domain investors with similar cases.

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