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Unlucky number : Another batch of “188” domains taken via UDRP

"188" domains.

“188” domains.

The company behind the “188” trademark has successfully taken over several more domains that begin with this number.

In a UDRP involving several numeric domains that begin with “188,” Cube Limited of the Isle of Man, Great Britain, targeted the following domains:


As they did several times already in the past, Cube Limited based their UDRP on the content served by these domains: gambling, roulette and other such games.

Once again, the Complainant flaunted their 188 and 188BET marks as related to gambling services:

“The Complainant submits that the disputed domain names were registered and are being used in bad faith. The disputed domain names were registered some ten years after the Complainant first commenced its use of the 188 trademarks. The Complainant has a significant global reputation in those trademarks. The footnote on the Respondent’s website actually refers to the Complainant. All but two of the disputed domain names resolve to a counterfeit website that displays the Complainant’s 188 trademarks and 188BET logo and purport to offer the remote gambling services offered by the Complainant but are not connected to the Complainant in any manner.”

Are owners of domains that begin with “188” in danger?

It’s quite possible, as long as the use involves gambling, casinos and roulette.

In this case, Matthew Kennedy, sole panelist, ordered the transfer of these domains to the Complainant.

For the full text of this UDRP decision, click here.

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