Domain memes : Does it matter if your domain passes the “radio test” ?

A few days ago, we introduced the Domain Memes section to laugh at situations and stereotypes about the domain industry.

Every time we hear the reference to “radio test” as a means of measuring domain quality, we cringe.

Perhaps this method was valid until the early 2000’s but technology, such as smart mobile phones, and lesser use of the radio and its commercials have made it obsolete. Domains and brands become known – and viral – over sharable media, and radio isn’t one of them.

Today’s domain-centric meme is just about that fixation with aged, antiquated references! 😀

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5 Responses to “Domain memes : Does it matter if your domain passes the “radio test” ?”
  1. Tony says:

    I’ve stated the radio test no longer applies a couple years back in one of the blog’s comments sections and got flamed by fanboys. It’s all about visual appeal, ie, short and easy to spell now with social media, streaming media, etc.

  2. Sean says:

    My contribution:

    (dunno if html works here or not…)

    if not:

  3. Jim says:

    I know the radio test is used as a barometer by buyer/investors of names in the $xx,xxx names and above. To think otherwise is the viewpoint of a seller. The end user has many alternative options these days so radio friendly, short, sweet, whatever you call it is a factor in value.

  4. Dn Ebook says:

    I really dislike name with extra letter letterss

  5. Anti-Evangelist says:

    I think the “Radio Test” is and remains every bit as valid today as it ever was (particularly at price points of 5 figures and above), albeit perhaps in a more proverbial sense of the term. The strictly “radio” piece of term may have less relevancy today, but the underlying concept of a domain that is easily pronounceable, logically spell-able, and phonetically intuitive is no less imperative …and that’s really what the idea of a “Radio Test” is all about. By way of example only, think about the first time you HEARD someone say, “” …did they just say “Air BNB” or did they say “Air B AND B”; or, all the countless times you’ve carefully (and phonetically!) recited the domain component of your clever, branded email address to a customer service rep on a phone call, and the poor guy has to spell it back to you 3 times just to be sure. These are all conceptual examples of the proverbial “Radio Test” at work.

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