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Domain memes: Are you an OCD #domain investor?

Our Domain Memes series depict quick, fun moments that are snapshots of events related to the domain industry. Whether about funny or more serious incidents, one thing is certain: most domainers identify with these moments at some point or another. So today we address the thorny issue of being a domainer with OCD. Domain investors […]

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Domain Memes : The Shillbid Redemption

Domain Memes is a section on DomainGang where we poke fun at various current events in the domain industry; quite often, to emphasize important, funny or extraordinary elements of domain investing in a meme. Today’s subject is the published allegations of bidder misconduct (“domain shill bidding”) at NameJet, and while the investigation is ongoing, one […]

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Domain memes : Does it matter if your domain passes the “radio test” ?

A few days ago, we introduced the Domain Memes section to laugh at situations and stereotypes about the domain industry. Every time we hear the reference to “radio test” as a means of measuring domain quality, we cringe. Perhaps this method was valid until the early 2000’s but technology, such as smart mobile phones, and […]

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