(‿ˠ‿) : ‘Emoji domain’ UDRP filed by Kim Kardashian

Kimoji : Spot the big butt emoji.

Kimoji : Spot the big butt emoji.

Emoji domains are all the rage, and media socialite, Kim Kardashian, isn’t happy about a particular domain registration.

By introducing an emoji domain search engine, GoDaddy gave Kim Kardashian the opportunity to search for her trademark look, the big butt emoji.

“I’ve always been known for my oversized rump, and I filed for a trademark in January to protect it,” said Kim Kardashian, duck-facing her bathroom mirror intensely.

“So OMG u guyz, some *llloser* registered (‿ˠ‿).ws which is the big butt emoji. Ladies, there isn’t anyone more worthy owning that GoDaddy domain than me, hello??!” exclaimed Kim Kardashian, taking another pouting selfie in front of the mirror.

The case over the emoji domain (‿ˠ‿).ws is now heading to the WIPO, where Kim filed a UDRP to take control of this valuable domain asset.

Kim Kardashian’s app, Kimoji, has established prior use of the big butt emoji, and the WIPO panelist should give her the domain, no questions asked.

If your wife or girlfriend has a nice, ample behind and you want to register her own emoji domain for her birthday or Valentine’s Day, better seek hard and find some other quality in her, before attempting to challenge Kim Kardashian’s domain name.

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