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666 Satanic Messages Hidden in Domain Names 666

What appears to be an innocent billy goat is something evil and dark that cannot be spoken of.

What started as a cursory check over domain facts and figures has evolved into a discovery of apocalyptic proportions; an evil and uncouth scheme to infiltrate the domaining world with satanism, dark magic and the carnal practices of witchcraft.

Many domainers are not familiar with the secret codes of satanism hidden inside the very TLDs that are managed by the Registries. After locating documentation that supported our initial hunch, terrifying information has been uncovered, day after day for the past two weeks of our research.

The Registries operate as secret societies, with seals, rituals of initiation complete with sexual orgies that include the sampling of one’s blood, sweat and tears under the pretext of “ICANN fees“. When added, those bodily secretions amount to incredible amounts of stored DNA, ready to be harvested for the generations of satan’s children that are to follow.

Several Registries have imposed a $1.20 fee, which, when converted into euro amounts for 666 thousands of the euro dollar. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, several ccTLD Registries operate in the realm of the apocryphal, with gold, silver and mercury stored away in secret, gigantic vaults in the Alps, alongside their Registry servers.

The very structure of the .com is of extreme interest. In the Hebrew alphabet, the values of kaf, vav and mem when added together total 18 – which is the product of three times six. Also, the .com, .net and .org when transcribed into ancient Greek, spell out the word Εωσφόρος or Lucifer – the bringer of light and a euphemism for satan. This is not a coincidence but a planned infiltration of the domaining system by satanists and evil worshippers.

Before the proliferation of the Internet, few people would have imagined that owning a domain name would be akin to bearing the Number of the Beast, thus marked for life with the insignia of evil and darkness. The coming years will be crucial, especially if ICANN allows for the full introduction of generic gTLDs, which will unleash all abominable evil upon the domain entrepreneurs.

Until then, we can only protect ourselves by keeping a rosary, some holy water and a cross nearby, each time we log into our Registrars for some new registrations.

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3 Responses to “666 Satanic Messages Hidden in Domain Names 666”
  1. John says:

    The registries and ICANN suck our blood out on a daily basis, I would not be surprised if they are satan’s children!!!

  2. @domainimal says:

    Guns, i’m surprised you didnt mention the secretive Domain Bilderberger conference where the worlds most powerful domainers gather each year to burn effigies to the Domain King 🙂 I think you need to follow up on this one!

  3. stewart says:

    yeah? and ya know what else?

    halvarez spelled backwards?

    it spells Zeravlah!

    What a revealtion right? scary huh? I thought you would thinks so too!


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