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Satanist wins domain UDRP on the basis of ‘religious freedom’

Is America becoming more tolerable in the digital world, including domain name disputes? A split decision by a three member panel appears to have dug deeper into the world of darkness in a UDRP case; the outcome was to order the domain to remain with the Respondent. “Americans need to understand that Satanism is a […]

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Satanist group secures .Satanism gTLD application at ICANN

One of the expected side-effects of opening up the gTLD universe, is the proliferation of keywords related to large user groups. Religion – the opium of the people, according to Karl Marx – is one such large group. ICANN has hinted that such gTLD registrations will be expected among the almost 2,000 applications for new […]

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666 Satanic Messages Hidden in Domain Names 666

What started as a cursory check over domain facts and figures has evolved into a discovery of apocalyptic proportions; an evil and uncouth scheme to infiltrate the domaining world with satanism, dark magic and the carnal practices of witchcraft. Many domainers are not familiar with the secret codes of satanism hidden inside the very TLDs […]

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