8 Things you can do if you didn’t go to TRAFFIC

It's Vegas, baby! Or not.

It’s Vegas, baby! Or not.

So you had plans to make it to TRAFFIC Las Vegas, hoping to meet with other domainers and industry professionals, but they fell through? Did your wife ask you to visit her parents instead, or worse still, they came over to visit you?

No worries, your life as a domainer isn’t quite over yet!

There are several things you can do to replicate the Las Vegas experience, all while those that made it to TRAFFIC are shooting the sh!t, probably pissed drunk at the cabanas.

  • Put on your favorite Elvis outfit and go out for some local karaoke. Great way to meet Asian ladies with oral skills.
  • Visit a popular buffet restaurant and pretend the guy ahead of you, with the salad loaded with mushrooms is Rick Schwartz.
  • Attend your local Domainer conference at Starbucks; parties of 4 always get a table.
  • Get a couple of sixpacks at ABC Liquor and some cheap champagne and you’re ready to roll.
  • Print out lists of your domains and have your kids shout “Sold! Sold!” while you read them out. Cheap entertainment, but make sure they pay for what they bid on.
  • Jump into the community pool or other publicly shared body of water. Pretend that Morgan Linton is the guy with the fashionable trunks sipping on Bacardi rum.
  • Visit your closest Indian Reservation casino for some free second hand smoke inhalation; gamble until you lose all of your $20.
  • Sneak into the local gentleman’s club and ogle the leggy strippers; splurge by getting two lap dances instead of one. It’s Vegas, baby! Or not.

Have fun! 😀

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3 Responses to “8 Things you can do if you didn’t go to TRAFFIC”
  1. Mark Hershiser says:

    Great post…

  2. DomainGang says:

    hey Mark – Glad you approve 😀

  3. Mark Hershiser says:

    I more than approve, I think you are very clever, and I always enjoy your posts…

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