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8 Things you can do if you didn’t go to TRAFFIC

So you had plans to make it to TRAFFIC Las Vegas, hoping to meet with other domainers and industry professionals, but they fell through? Did your wife ask you to visit her parents instead, or worse still, they came over to visit you? No worries, your life as a domainer isn’t quite over yet! There […]

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Going the full monty: Nudity ‘OK’ at TRAFFIC Las Vegas

In a shocking statement earlier today, Rick Schwartz announced that nudity at TRAFFIC Las Vegas is something that he would not oppose to, necessarily. Las Vegas, the city where everything stays where it happens at, might have given some justification to this announcement. “Listen folks, there’s nothing wrong with tasteful nudism and if you got […]

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8 things not to do while at TRAFFIC Las Vegas

So you bought your TRAFFIC ticket for Las Vegas, hopefully as an ‘early bird.’ Your hotel room is booked, and your flight ticket is neatly tucked inside your passport or other form of id. Domain conferences, such as TRAFFIC, offer the opportunity to many newcomers and veterans alike, to intermix, exchange ideas and engage in […]

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