Going the full monty: Nudity ‘OK’ at TRAFFIC Las Vegas

If you got them, flaunt them at TRAFFIC Las Vegas.

If you got them, flaunt them at TRAFFIC Las Vegas.

In a shocking statement earlier today, Rick Schwartz announced that nudity at TRAFFIC Las Vegas is something that he would not oppose to, necessarily.

Las Vegas, the city where everything stays where it happens at, might have given some justification to this announcement.

“Listen folks, there’s nothing wrong with tasteful nudism and if you got them, flaunt them!” said Rick Schwartz, looking as virile as ever, having recently celebrated his 60th birthday

“By that, I mean the domains!” he added, laughing out loud. “Be prepared to get measured up, though, because a lot of domainers like to brag about their sales and what not, this is the time to show you’re not full of it!” added Rick. “And another thing: If you claim you sell domains left and right and your wallet is bigger than mine, then I fully expect you to bid at the TRAFFIC domain auction, or I will be calling you a big, fat liar!” exclaimed Rick, looking very serious.

By permitting nudity at TRAFFIC Las Vegas, a lot of domainers will find it easier to mingle with their peers, in an environment that will be void of all electronic devices, cellphones, smartphones, laptops – or clothes, for that matter.

“Modern psychologists agree that humans embrace their nude status when in a pack of more than 10 individuals, within 8 minutes, about 85% of the time,” said Dr. Frank Stout of the Piscataway Medical University. “This behavior is a remnant of well-rooted instincts going back several millennia, when humans lived in caves, most of the time naked,” added Dr. Frank Stout.

TRAFFIC in Las Vegas is fully active today. Don’t forget to bring along a plastic bag with your name on it, to stuff your belongings into, should you decide to go “the full monty.


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