A historic moment as Obama registers his first domain name!

A historic moment today as Obama registered his first domain name - twice.

Apparently president Obama – who cannot stop mentioning how “advanced” he’s with technology, often making references to his Blackberry – registered his first domain name today.

Obama appeared at the American Red Cross headquarters in Washington to promote his participation in aiding the Haiti fund, when a member of the agency’s new media team wrote a message on Twitter telling people he had arrived.

He then asked the president to visit GoDaddy.com and Obama eventually registered his first domain name, Obamagram.comor so he thought.

“Let me say that I have never used GoDaddy before,” Obama said in response to a question from a Chinese student about using .CN domains freely in China. Obama continued: “I noticed that young people – they’re very busy with all these electronics. My thumbs are too clumsy to type in things on the phone. I know GoDaddy offers some great deals and always displays phat buxom ladies in their Superbowl commercials. So I endorse GoDaddy.”

The president was quick to adapt to the new technology as well; having to wade through 14 steps before the confirmation page came up, president Obama appeared to remain calm and patient.

“I’ve learned to wait and read the fine print until the final page of the agreement, before I put down my signature,” said Obama. “That’s how I do politics. American people have invested in me and I’m now investing in GoDaddy,” he added smiling.

The bad news was given to him later on, when it became apparent that Obamagram.com was already registered and GoDaddy’s WHOIS system had suffered a glitch. GoDaddy issued a credit towards the president’s next domain registration. Obama then proceeded with registering AmericaWeCannotTurnBack.com

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6 Responses to “A historic moment as Obama registers his first domain name!”
  1. Howard Neu says:

    It serves him right for using GoDaddy, where THEY get all the PPC income and YOU get zip!

  2. Aron says:

    He then started throwing stacks of $100 bills to the crowd.

  3. uhuh says:

    dont believe anything obama says, he doesnt understand truth and stands for the opposite, just ask someone who has the audacity to question his crap and not expect to be slandered or denigrated

    btw do you know why he is a disbarred lawyer – because he lied on his application (omitted his other names, oops!) (michelle was disbarred for good ‘ol fraud)

    and, do you know why he is president (other than media idol worship) – because he AGAIN lied on his application – he’s not a natural born citizen as defined in US law

    get his birth cert and you will see the depth of treason, and his real deception

    ‘Let me be clear – I wont be doing any more unscripted interviews as someone might ask me a ‘real’ question. Speak to my czar of liars (Gibbs) instead’

    have a nice day

  4. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Humor, “uhuh” – it can’t be bought at a local store 😉

    Aron – That reminds me of the joke where George Bush and Dick Cheney board a plane and plan to toss an $100 dollar bill out of it. This way a lucky American will be happy. Cheney suggests they toss out 100 $1 dollar bills, thus making 100 Americans happy. The pilot then says they should both jump off the plane, so that every American is happy 😀

    Howard – Shhh, that’s the secret money maker of GoDaddy’s!

  5. IrishDomainer says:

    lol classic! Shoulda gone to Fabulous

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