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Abdul Sakim Al Domayin : Switching from #oil futures to #domain name investments

Abdul Sakim Al Domayin, domain investor and sheik of Domainistan, a Middle East sultanate, is selling his oil rich assets effective immediately.

After years of high prices for oil, today’s oil crash sent crude oil futures plummeting below the $1 dollar per barrel range.

That’s much less that what a domain name registration costs, excluding the .XYZ penny promo registration price. Abdul Sakim Al Domayin is an expert domain name investor and his move indicates a new trend is in the works.

“His Majesty, Abdul Sakim Al Domayin, of almighty Domainistan, will provide his people with riches from domain names, in a challenging era. We are changing the economy of our beloved region by selling the oil fields and investing immediately in premium .com domains,” said the sheik’s spokesperson, Aram Abul Al Fayanteen.


The extraordinary move by Domainistan’s ruler should indicate that thousands of Arab domain investors will unload their reaches, investing into short numeric domains and LLLL .com domains that can be read from right to left.

For example, the domain name KNIL.com is more valuable than LINK.com as Arabic speakers read from right to left.

We will keep an eye on Domainistan ruler’s latest domain investments, as much as on the oil prices.

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One Response to “Abdul Sakim Al Domayin : Switching from #oil futures to #domain name investments”
  1. BullS says:

    I bet the greenies aka the environmentalist are so happy what this virus can do for their cause.
    Are they still protesting that we are driving too much……

    No Oil No Pollution!!

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