Elon Musk wants more for the account than the domain’s cost!

In October of last year, MicroAcquire CEO Andrew Gazdecki announced his company’s acquisition of the domain name

In true Gazdecki style, this exciting news was broken with a twist; the domain’s acquisition price was Tweeted as being $2,000,000 dollars. That number, was soon changed to the real figure: $200,000 dollars.

It was a slight case of a dick move, we thought at the time, but the truth is that Mr. Gazdecki was simply super happy to have spent $200k for the domain His company had also filed for the registration of the matching mark soon after the acquisition took place.

Since a year ago, Andrew Gazdecki has also been asking, nicely, to acquire the dormant, matching Twitter (X) handle @acquire, by making several public statements and pleas to Elon Musk.

It’s now been a year later and the news is out: Elon Musk’s X Twitter 2.0 wants $250,000 dollars in order to release the account @acquire to them.

That’s right: Elon Musk wants to sell the Twitter/X handle for more money than it took Acquire to buy the domain name! LOL

Now that’s what we call a real dick move, Elon Musk. Andrew Gazdecki was more gracious in his response to the news:

It’s really unfortunate that Elon Musk’s model of monetizing expired or dormant accounts deprives the use of the matching handle @acquire by the company that deserves it the most.

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