AhmetHashish Rahajani : Number by number, and word for word, .WS is where money is!

Greetings domainers, and salaam to you, nice to see you, itโ€™s me, AhmetHashish Rahajani, domainer expert from beyond Middle East.

Today, money important and discuss topic for number domain, or word domain.

Many ask, AhmetHashish, how you make fortune with domain? Is it hard?

I reply, it is very very hard. But she like it.



Sorry, joke is risque but let’s become serious ok?

When invest domain like number, you hit market China. In Chinese cultures, peoples word don’t count, so they convert number to words.

And words important no? Is how communicate peoples.

Eg. You want say your two wives, I love you. In Chinese you write 520 and are done.

Simple, no?

But peoples in China pay too much for .com domains, and want buy cheap domains. They smart.

So now I hope you understand why .WS is win. For China, it matter no extension, it matter keyword. If number, cool. If word, cool. If cheap, COOL!


Follow me.

Some domainer put money down on .WS and say millions are coming. I believe! Because millions are in pockets of Chinese peoples and want to spend it.

All of it!

So to make money, put hand in pocket Chinese peoples, take money out, stick .WS domain in.


Not forget follow my advice and make lots of moneys.


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