AhmetHashish Rahajani : #Robocalling is the future of the #domain industry!

Gone long time, good domainer mens, salaam to you, it is I, AhmetHashish Rahajani from Persia city.

In past advice, I give you how to make monies with crypto domains. Yes, market gone shit from 2017 when advice I gave. But no worry.

Better bigger things in future for domain industry!

First, Rick Schwartz make party in Ashville. Domain party, luxury club. I like but afford no ticket fly from Persia city. My friend Habibi drive Lyft in Ashville, like city. Maybe next year I go.

OK, so back to making more monies in 2020 and even this year, you start robocalling domain names.

How do that, you ask.

Simple. Billion calls day about healthcare insurance, or broken windshield, or viagra pill. Why not domain names? Hmmm?

So now patent robocalling domains, work like this…

Message say, “hello, this is GoDaddy – you need domain. I offer you domain for $12 dollar, a shit domain never before register. Or, pay $688 for my [insert your good domain] .com which better for business. Don’t make mistake register shit domain, buy good domain. Call us back today!”

Very simple. If peoples complain, they believe is GoDaddy. If they call you to buy domain, you win the monies! 🙂

After sale, change robocall message and repeat.

My friend, let’s make robocall money with domain names and get riches like Rick Schwartz. I kiss you. Salaam!

Domain robocalling – A smart, efficient, money-making technique?

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