Apple rides the .TUBE with domain buying spree

.TUBE launched.

.TUBE launched.

One of the best new gTLDs, in our opinion, suited for content creators, video enthusiasts, game streamers and viral video freaks launched this week.

Dot .TUBE, a project going back to 2008, rolled out its no-frills, no fanfare launch, and it’s targeting consumers.

Like most gTLDs, dot .TUBE has priced its premium domains using a tiered model, but unlike many new gTLDs the premium price is paid only once. In other words, you can acquire a premium .TUBE domain paying the higher fee once, then renew at regular rates annually.

This pricing approach has the advantage of allowing small to medium size content providers to establish presence, being able to know their upfront expenses outright.

Corporate giant Apple has already been riding the .TUBE launch, with several domain registrations of dot .TUBE domains.

Aside from the obvious Apple.TUBE, we found the following domains, as registered by Apple:

The obvious endorsement by a major software and hardware manufacturer comes as no surprise; Apple has registered many .Live and .Stream domains. The world of online media is in an explosive mode, and Apple knows that well.

We’re looking forward to sharing more news about .TUBE in the near future, as an effective medium of creative, educating or entertainment content.


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