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Amazon invests in .TUBE domains for content streaming

Amazon is another mega-corporation known for its investment in media-related products and services. The company founded by Internet visionary, Jeff Bezos, has become the destination of choice for consumer products. They just so happen to own Twitch TV, an online gaming stream service that they paid $970 million dollars to acquire. For reference, Twitch TV […]

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Apple rides the .TUBE with domain buying spree

One of the best new gTLDs, in our opinion, suited for content creators, video enthusiasts, game streamers and viral video freaks launched this week. Dot .TUBE, a project going back to 2008, rolled out its no-frills, no fanfare launch, and it’s targeting consumers. Like most gTLDs, dot .TUBE has priced its premium domains using a […]

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Content creators : Tomorrow is launch date for .TUBE

Tomorrow, July 7th, .TUBE will be available for public registration at 14:00 UTC through domain registrars around the world. Intellectual property attorney and ESQwire.com partner, Jason Schaeffer, is a co-founder of .TUBE. Jason, who is also known as @MrGTLD on Twitter, will continue fighting the good fight at ESQwire, and shared with us the excitement […]

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