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Ari Goldberger, KUKA robot to face off in table tennis super match!

Domain investor and IP attorney, Ari Goldberger, has been practicing law since 1992; his law firm, ESQwire, has assisted with hundreds of cases related to Domain Law.

Outside of law, Ari’s big love for table tennis, isn’t something that can be concealed. Ari plays table tennis wherever there is a table available, even at domain conferences.


Ari Goldberger loves table tennis.

“I’ve played table tennis since before I was a teenager, back then it was called ping-pong”, says Ari Goldberger, warming up for a match.

“I’m a strategic yet aggressive player, as anyone involved with law should be, and if you really want to break a sweat – that is, before you lose your pair of pants – come face me in a game of table tennis!’ exclaims Goldberger.

With most human players in the domain community unable to match Ari’s performance and skills, the next challenge seems obvious: facing the infamous KUKA robot, a machine so good at its game, that it’s almost impossible to beat.

“Nothing is impossible for me, and I plan to blow that puppet of cans apart,” says Goldberger, adding: “Table tennis, and law, require a sharp mind and a strong stomach, capable of defeating the opponent. As always, I plan to deliver!”

The KUKA robot’s microprocessor is a state-of-the-art embedded AI chip made by CryoTech, creators of the world’s smartest Japanese robot, Yosaki Bo.

Let’s hope that Ari Goldberger will teach them a lesson; in the meantime, watch what KUKA can do against world class players in the video below.

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