Back and forth on Dan : #Financed payment plan benefited expert #domainer

Logan Flatt.

Did you know you can finance domain sales on

The domain platform offers payment plans, and their 9% commission sounds very appealing.

Note: This is not a review, or a promotional post of

Here’s how the installments method for selling domain names works:

You can enable offering installments to your buyers directly from your account settings or portfolio. Once the buyer has initiated the transaction by paying the first installed payment we proceed and take your domain in escrow until the total purchase price is paid. When the buyer is in default, you get to keep the received installed payments and the domain will be returned to you.

Expert domain investor, Logan Flatt, found out the benefits of using with an installment plan.

A recent transaction involving one of Logan’s domains,, kicked off a financed sale with a 60 month installment plan, for a total of $9,750 dollars. A few days later, the buyer canceled the transaction citing some name confusion, and the contract was voided.

The good news: Logan got to keep the first installment, and the domain is back in his possession, so he made money without even selling the domain! 😀

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