Bad algorithm: Wobado domain appraisal tool produces odd results

Domain appraisals at appear to be rather off; the newcomer to appraising domain names offers a free tool that returns valuation metrics.

Wobado’s tool gathers “all data” about a domain name and using an algorithm determines an estimated value. The ratings include both an indicator of quality, ranging from A to D and a dollar value.

While the range indicator might be efficiently calculated, more or less, the dollar value clearly isn’t. Several domain investors played around with odd, registered domain names and here are some results generated by the Wobado tool:

A three dash .com domain name getting a valuation of $8.185 million dollars surely signifies something’s not right with the Wobado algorithm. But it’s not the dashes only that seem to break the system, producing strange results:

A parked domain that injects the letter “i” into “crypto” somehow inherits a valuation of $5.481 million dollars. I’ll take it in Bitcoin, thanks! 🙂

At least, the Domain King will be pleased to know that his domain beats in valuation metrics by several million dollars:

Wobado is in beta so perhaps it deserves a break. After all, the domain valuation tool failed miserably at its initial launch.

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One Response to “Bad algorithm: Wobado domain appraisal tool produces odd results”
  1. CG says:

    They don’t seem to learn from what investors have been saying .Do not make an appraisal tool.It will never accurately appraise a name .
    They need a better name than wobado to begin with and the earlier they discontinue the appraisal tool the better for their image .It is a terrible idea.

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