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Bad #domain letters? Two letter gem AR .com heads to #China

LL .com domains are popular in China.

When it comes down to LL .com domains, letter quality is irrelevant, even to the Chinese.

China’s companies and investors have been gobbling up domain after domain in the two letter .com namespace.

Domain investor, George Kirikos, keeps track of that ultra premium domain namespace, meticulously indexing the Chinese ownership percentage, that definitely is on the increase.

George noticed that the domain AR.com has moved into Chinese ownership, and some might point out that vowels aren’t welcome by the Chinese investors.


The current LL .com stats are as follows:

185 LL .com domains out of a possible 676 combinations are now in Chinese hands. That’s 27.4% of the total, with USA holding onto 330 or 48.8% of the total.

Update: George Hong of Guta.com told us that the domain AR.com means “Artificial Intelligence” in Chinese, and was sold last year. He politely declined to reveal the amount involved in this sale.

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One Response to “Bad #domain letters? Two letter gem AR .com heads to #China”
  1. Rod Tv says:

    My butler says that AR will always be Augmented Reality ……just saying

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