Nasty weather, snow, promote higher bids at domain auctions

A three-year research of domain auction venues, including Sedo, SnapNames, Flippa, GoDaddy TDNAM and NameJet has produced some very interesting results.

The research was conducted by an independent panel of professionals, and included domain investors as part of the data analysis team, supervised by the Tallahassee Polytechnic of Sciences.

Weather affects domain auction bidding.

Weather affects domain auction bidding.

Weather, apparently, plays a major role in how domain bids are placed.

“Primarily, we witnessed a huge spike on days when the weather was bad, such as snowed-in days or lots of rain,” said professor Markus Weissmann of the Polytechnic.

“Even with data extrapolated for temperature and pressure variations, the results are the same: domain auctions receive higher activity when the weather is unfavorable for other activities,” added Weissmann.

In plain language: when there was little else to do due to the weather, domainers engaged with domain auctions more aggressively, placing higher bids.

The findings will help the participating companies decide on how to best “bombard” users with email notifications, during pending auctions. Such emails will prove to be quite effective.

“If the weather is wintery or otherwise unfavorable for physical activity in the outdoors, most domain auction venues witness a spike in the auction activity,” said Sky Lucas of TDNAM.

Now you know that you’re not alone, when you bid on that aged .com on NameJet on a snowy day.

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