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Be “Kick Ass” on your own terms : Startups.co redesigned


The startup community should take an example from the newly redesigned launch of Startups.co.

Startups.co provides a home for over one million Startups Founders, to share ideas, strategies and stories about the startup journey.

Focus is on the narrative, the story-telling about the journey, the difficulties faced and the elation from success.

As mature entrepreneurs, Startups Founders can now share the stories behind their launch of great companies, or around products they are exceptionally passionate about.

Startups.co redesigned.

Startups.co redesigned.

By using Stories, Education, Answers and Reviews, the new Startups.co provides its own content; not the simplified picture often painted by the media.

  • Stories are written by Founders for Founders, personal stories and insights into the startup process. An example is the interview with Basecamp’s David Heinemeier Hansson, Build a Kickass Startup (On Your Own Terms).
  • Education includes over 600 in-depth video lessons, by battle-tested Founders including WordPress Founder Matt Mullenweg.
  • Answers is the “Quora for Startups” with over 12,000 answers from top startup experts on every topic, from lead generation to marketing strategy to fundraising strategy.
  • Reviews is where analysis of new products and digs into the origin story of those Founders appears. Launching this feature, Miguel Madrid, operating a hugely successful apparel business which he built into a fully scaled brand.

Wil Schroter, founder and CEO of Startups.co is excited about the grand new angle to empowering the Startup community.

For the full course, visit Startups.co.

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