Big data: Domainfest reveals key domain conference statistics

Domainfest 2014 was a complete success; the established domain conference attracted several hundred participants, many of which were groupies of the megagroup, Stone Temple Pilots.

Just how well did Domainfest do?


Oversee released key domain statistics about the domain conference, that present a good analysis of the event’s broad appeal to domain professionals; here is part of the information that was released:

  • During the breakfast sessions, 37% of domainers liked their eggs scrambled, and 25% sunny side up, with a side of hash browns.
  • There were 2,874 handshakes during Domainfest, as recorded by various security cameras.
  • On average, participants mentioned the phrase “as compared to TRAFFIC” 1.2 times.
  • The Stone Temple Pilots posed more than 640 times to have their photo taken with attendees.
  • During the event, domainers posted a total of 340 selfies on their blogs.
  • Total alcohol consumption exceeded 450 gallons of beer, wine and hard liquor. Water consumption exceeded 3,400 gallons.
  • About 0.5% of domainers went home feeling sick, a huge drop from the infamous Playboy Mansion incident.
  • Percentage of attendees that stated they had fun and succeeded in making new business connections reached 99.95%

Definitely some very useful statistics that will assist defining the agenda for the next Domainfest show in 2015.


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