Biggest domain sale ever: A Mile High Club .com sells for $69 million dollars!

After the reported sale of for $13 million and the still unconfirmed sale of for $30 million, there is a new record holder in place.

Combining the elements of both sex and private jet – or sex on a private jet, if you prefer – the domain was recently sold for $69 million dollars.

“I’m ecstatic, on cloud nine”, said Marsha Moot of Mile Higher Enterprises.

“We sold the domain to a Russian entrepreneur who plans to fly Ukrainian models and escorts to the rich and the famous. He paid in cash, caviar and vodka.”

While the sale of is still rumored, the sale of has been confirmed.

The buyer is none other than Russian domainer billionaire, Sergei Putanov.

In a short message from Ekaterinburg in Russia, Sergei Putanov stated:

“Funny read today sale but no report on Took break from sex with Ukrainian prostitute. After smoke and caviar will see why news not in RSS feed. Break leg of journalist wrote story.”

The $69 million dollar sale of is the largest single investment ever by a Russian billionaire outside of Mother Russia. Forbes and Fortune 500 will follow up with this story in their respective March issues.


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