#Bodis will now display Google “blocked” status code for parked #domains

Bodis, a kind sponsor of DomainGang, announced a PPC industry first as far as domain status codes are concerned.

Google, the primary ad feed provider for many pay per click providers, often blocks domains, that once parked, end up displaying no ads.

Bodis will now display the “blocked” status, instead of leaving these domain names in limbo.

There are several reasons why Bodis is providing this information to the domain portfolio holders that park their domains on the platform:

  1. To grow awareness to the detrimental effects of malvertising (usually as a result of bad ads on CPV (zeroclick) ad networks that offer little to no transparency to Bodis. These are domains that end up on the NOT SAFE BROWSING list. We’ve already ended partnerships with a dozen or so ad networks that have had this issue in the past and we threaten to end partnership with any ad network that takes part in malvertising.
  2. We believe our users have the right to know any status set on their domains. It’s possible a status may be a result of parking the name elsewhere in the past that had an issue with malvertising. We believe for longevity and sustainability of the parking space, other companies should take part in resolving this issue. It’s possible other companies do not provide this status in their domain lookup tool as they may have something to hide (eg: bolstering malvertising for short term profit motives). However, this would actually result in long term drop off in revenues as the domain no longer can be monetized by G.
  3. It pushes ourselves and hopefully the entire industry, to cut out any bad actors and keep on top of this issue.

For more information, visit Bodis.com.

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