Booth report : #Domains acquired and sold by the #BQDN founder recently

James Booth, celebrating the sale of

The youngest of the Booth Brothers, James Booth, is the founder of BQDN, a domain brokerage firm in Asia.

The ever-busy domain investor recently celebrated his 30th birthday in style, and announced the acquisition of premium domains:

  • – a domain registered in 1995
  • – a domain registered in 1995, and a former asset of CISCO corporation.
  • – a domain registered in 1996

Meanwhile, James Booth has not shared any sales this week, unlike the week prior.

James has listed several premium LLL .com domains for sale, however, so we might end up seeing a report of sales by BQDN next week.

Here’s the list, contact James if you’re interested in acquiring any of these three letter .com domains:

Happy birthday, James! 😀

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