Brannan’s domain list : Dictionary, LLL’s and numeric domains

Domain broker, David Clements.

Domain broker, David Clements.

David Clements is brokering some great to hot domain names currently, through the Brannan’s newsletter.

What sets these lists apart from others, is the high quality/price ratio; domain investors seeking solid domain names should subscribe to the Brannan’s newsletter.

This time around, David’s list includes generic dictionary domains, three and four letter .com’s and the currently trending numeric domains.

Here’s our choice of domains from the active list:

  • – $30,000 – More positive than an accident.
  • – $7,900 – Great domain for a repository of viral content.
  • ArtificialSweetener – $4,000 – Fewer calories than sugar.
  • – $3,500 – What Manny Pacquiao will have to do about not disclosing his injury pre-fight.
  • – $140,000 – Both a word and a LLL .com, the price is for serious buyers only.
  • – $25,000 – A bargain for the booming Chinese domain market that loves all letters except for ‘V’.
  • – $12,000 – The great Kublai Khan died that year.
  • – $12,000 – Nice number, easy to remember.
  • – $7,500 – What she said when she saw it. Premium repeat letter pairs.

As always, get in touch with David Clements via Brannan’s if you are interested in a domain name, or to place an offer.

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