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Brannan’s newsletter offers killer geo-domains for England, Spain and Portugal

Domain broker, David Clements.

Domain broker, David Clements.

Brannan‘s – the domain brokerage outfit managed by broker David Clements – is upping the ante in domain brokering.

In recent weeks, the quality and affordability of domains offered are exquisite. We cover the offerings of domains by Brannan’s as a public service to domain investors looking for quality domain names that are priced right.

This is NOT a paid promotion!

The newsletter that came out today includes some spectacular geo-domain names, and here is our selection below; there are plenty more!

  • Madrid.net – $60,000 – The beautiful capital of Spain needs no introduction.
  • Spain.net – $50,000 – This is crazy, but you can buy the entire Spain for less than Madrid!
  • England.net – $40,000 – Even crazier, the Old Britannia is willing to let go of its main asset cheaper than the Spanish Crown!
  • Portugal.net – $40,000 – With Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo being the best soccer player in the world, this one is a steal!
  • Belgium.net – $40,000 – Small country, with the best chocolates in the world; thanks to the Greek-founded Leonidas brand.
  • Philadelphia.org – $9,800 – For less than ten grand you can use it to promote your own cream cheese.

For more domains and to place an offer on these beauties or to acquire them outright, visit Brannans.com.

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3 Responses to “Brannan’s newsletter offers killer geo-domains for England, Spain and Portugal”
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    i believe the correct spelling is espana. and don’t even go there ’cause they let the bulls run wild in the streets.

  2. Great .net names indeed, the bulk of them are owned by Michael Marcovici, owner of DDF.

    “Philadelphia.org – $9,800 – For less than ten grand you can use it to promote your own cream cheese.”
    Yeah, right … so Mondelez lawyers will spread you on a slice of bread like cream cheese … LOL! 😀

  3. Cameron W. says:

    Wow, those are sweet geo names.
    Spain.net is the best imo

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