Brannan’s weekly : Rosey, Susy and other .com domains

Domain broker, David Clements.

Domain broker, David Clements.

Brannan’s has been offering some solid domains that can’t be found anywhere else; the domain newsletter produced by domain broker, David Clements, stands out from the rest.

While there are some Canadian domains on the most recent list – a ccTLD that can only be owned by Canadians – we’ll focus on the .com’s, .net’s and .org’s.

Our selection from this week’s listings on Brannan’s, includes the following domain names:

  • – $15,000 – Still less expensive than a Prius.
  • – $15,000 – If that’s your wife’s name, buy it instead of an expensive diamond.
  • – $30,000 – Maybe Rosey is quite the hot babe, in which case the budget is higher.
  • – $9,500 – Precious metals and matching domains make solid investments.
  • – $8,000 – A nice, positive adjective.
  • – $2,500 – Build a network of Hollywood favorites on this nicely priced domain.

As always, get in touch with David Clements if you are interested in a domain, or if you want to place an offer, by visiting

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2 Responses to “Brannan’s weekly : Rosey, Susy and other .com domains”
  1. Nice Selection there!!!!

  2. Jagan Jag says:

    I have blondy dot org. Anyone interested can contact me from Whois. Thank you.

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