BREAKING: GoDaddy reveals the REAL Superbowl XLIX commercial!

GoDaddy generated a lot of controversy yesterday, by revealing its Super Bowl ™ XLIX video that featured a lost puppy that gets sold online via a GoDaddy customer’s puppy mill business.

Soon after, allegedly succumbing to negative backlash from animal lovers, PETA and even Michelle Obama, the GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving, called the video a “failed attempt” and announced it is being scrapped.

But was that part of a calculated attempt to capitalize on viral traffic over social media? 😉

You betcha!

Exclusively to DomainGang, we bring you a static image from the real Super Bowl ™ XLIX GoDaddy commercial, that adheres to advertising principles proven to have worked for GoDaddy over the years! 😀

Now that’s some great looking puppies.

Can’t wait for the full frontal GoDaddy video to air during the Big Game!


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  1. Rod.Tv says:

    I like those puppies

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